2014 Gedenk Award for Tolerance Winning Works

The Gedenk Award for Tolerance of the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Winners


Ross Cardillo: “Value”, Grade 12, Age 18, Palo Alto High School, CA.

Alissa Damato: “Religious Rifle”, Grade 12, Age 18, Centreville HS, Centreville, VA.

Laura Fennessy: “1942”, Grade 10, Age 15, Auburn High School, Auburn, NY.

Lily Gordon: “Reconstruction Wings”, Grade 9, Age 14, Bard HS Early College, NY, NY.

Elodie Nix: “Dust”, Grade 7, Age 11, John Jay Middle School, Katonah, NY.

Recipients of The Gedenk Award for Tolerance


  1. Laura Fennessy Special Award (10th grade, age 15) – Auburn High School located in Auburn, New York – and her piece titled, “1942.
  2. Ross Cardillo (12th grade, age 18) – Palo Alto High School located in Palo Alto, California – and his piece titled, “Value.”
  3. Alissa Damato (12th grade, age 18) – Centerville High School located in Centerville, Virginia – and her piece titled, “Religious Rifle.”
  4. Lily Gordon (9th grade, age 14) – Bard High School Early College located in New York, New York – and her piece titled, “Reconstruction Wings.” Read the Work Here
  5. Elodie Nix (7th grade, age 11) – John Jay Middle School located in Katonah, New York – and her piece titled, “Dust.” Read the Work Here

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