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Gedenk’s endorsement letter, written by Former Democratic Member of the United States House of Representatives – the late Tom Lantos

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“First let me say that I lived in Germany for a number of years and was able to visit the concentration camps just outside of Munich. It is such a heart breaking, soul shaking, and life changing experience. It shows what happens when the evil, dark, negative side of humanity is allowed to prevail. Every child in the world should be taught about genocide and the Holocaust. It leaves an indelible photographic picture in your mind of what mankind should seek to avoid at all costs.. Miri Ben-Ari is an amazing gift. She is wonder in human form. Her ability to conform the violin to her being causes the heart to cry and the soul to weep. This same passion forces to reach out for her people to all humanity.”
– Donna Summer


“It is critically important that we learn from the mistakes of our past. We have a responsibility as a world community to fight against hate and genocide and to acknowledge the history of such inexcusable tragedies as the Holocaust”
– John Legend


The past gives great examples of what can happen in the future. It’s always important to remember.”
– Russell Simmons

Gabrielle Union

“It’s very important for everyone to learn about the atrocity that is the Holocaust; if we do not learn from terrible mistakes, we are destined to repeat them.”
– Gabrielle Union

Kenny G, Saxophonist

“It is imperative that we all remember what happened during the Holocaust, recognize the factors that created this unimaginable event and do everything in our power to make sure that it will never happen again.”
– Kenny G, Saxophonist

don king

“The only way to avoid such atrocities is to teach people about what actually happened. We have to be ever vigilant that this crime against humanity is NEVER perpetrated again – against anyone. Against any people. As human beings we must stand together on this if on nothing else.”
– Don King


“It’s important to learn as much as you can about history; it’s good to know the mistakes that were made so we don’t make them in the future.”
–Joss Stone

Denise Rich

“The Holocaust needs to be an example for all races as to what can happen when fear and prejudice are used as weapons to control people. If not remembered the holocaust could become a myth instead of fact and why should history be responsible for lies instead of truth.”
–Denise Rich

Chuck D, Public Enemy

“If you don’t know your past, things will tend to repeat themselves before your very eyes. We cannot afford the inhuman that happened in the past to ever rear its ugly head again. It’s important for all people and especially young people to thoroughly learn about tragedies such as SLAVERY, the Native American genocide and other atrocities as well as the HOLOCAUST to make the future for human beings positive and possible. There are many dos and don’ts in our present and future,formed from the knowledge of the past. This knowledge sets us truly free.”
–Chuck D, Public Enemy

Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr.

“People need to learn about the Holocaust to honor the memories of those who perished and to prevent atrocities like this from happening again in the future.”
–Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr.


“Young people should learn about The Holocaust so that they can see what happens when hate, prejudice, bias, and bigotry are allowed to create ignorance, and they can learn to respect all races and cultures.”
– DMC, Run DMC

Mya, Singer

“I encourage young people to become knowledgeable about historical atrocities such as the Holocaust, so we may join forces to help prevent this madness from ever happening again.”
– Mya, Singer

Charlotte Ronson, Fashion Designer

“Not only as a reminder to honor every innocent soul that was murdered, but to teach young people the perils of hatred and ignorance.”
– Charlotte Ronson, Fashion Designer

Kevin Powell, Political Activist

“It is important for young people to learn about the Holocaust because it is one of the darkest periods in world history, one that witnessed the murder and loss of masses of people. But, just as importantly, the Holocaust is the story of the resiliency of a people in the face of profound hatred and violence: The ways they survived, maintained, and, in some cases, were freed or freed themselves, against all odds”
– Kevin Powell, Political Activist

Wynton Marsalis, Jazz Legend

“Gedenk’s work is important and must be supported, we must remember the holocaust because we all exist in a continuum and the seeds that were planted then are still being planted now. If we remember the result we may see through the ever-present darkness and deny those newly planted seeds, which are all around us, their proper nourishment and thus avoid the horrible unforgettable eternal spring of human failure.”
-Wynton Marsalis, Jazz Legend

Fonzworth Bentley, Entertainer

“I think it’s important for young people to learn all history – the Holocaust, slavery, the trail of tears, The Japanese encampment, etc. Remember, if we don’t know our past, we are destined to repeat it -thus – we should “never forget!”
– Fonzworth Bentley, Entertainer

Zoey Saldana

“By remembering history, we inherit the power of the truth. We also continue to set purpose to the constant evolution humanity needs to endure to succeed it’s tragic past”
–Zoey Saldana

Reginald Hudlin President of BET

“The fact that the Holocaust happened in a Western European country in the middle of the 20th century is a great lesson for us all. If the human race is going to elevate itself spiritually, then we have to understand that civilization is not a given, but an ideal we all have to strive to protect.”
–Reginald Hudlin, President of BET”

Whitney Cunningham

“I think that learning about the Holocaust is important, because even though racism is an act of discrimination it is indiscriminate on whom it affects. We as people are all connected, and thus affected”
– Whitney Cunningham, “America’s Next Top Model”

Pras, from the Fugees

“Through educating ourselves about such injustice that was done, then and only then can we begin to close the gap of prejudice and start anew dialogue to move forward in the name of equality.”
– Pras, from the Fugees

Mare Winningham

“We have to remember history and its tragedies so we don’t repeat them.This is a part of “Tikun Olam” (to make the world a better place). I wish Miri Ben-Ari many followers.”
– Mare Winningham


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