Holocaust PSA Campaign

The Holocaust PSA campaign series was collaboration between Gedenk and Public Interest Productions. Two of our PSA’s ended with a still frame that matched an authentic Holocaust photo. By doing so, we were able to convey the message that the Holocaust happened to people like us, people who had a normal life, family, friends,  and lived in a modern, western society.

This campaign has produced amazing results!

Thanks to the support of Viacom, several TV stations, and massive coverage by the press, many kids in America learned about the Holocaust for the first time. TV channels such as FOX, NBC, MTV, ABC and CBS have broadcast the Gedenk’s public service announcement thousands of times and donated almost $2 million in free air time. Gedenk would like to thank everyone who supported this very special campaign!

Gedenk Subway Scene

Family Shocker

The Lil’ Girl

Holocaust PSA Campaign Album