Human injustices past and present – keep children educated

With the Gedenk Movement, reading up on religious cultures and histories of genocide is all a part of our mission of education. After realizing how many children knew so little about the holocaust, we made it our mission to educate those on the history of genocide, and the human injustices that take place every day. We recently came across a lecture that was delivered by Dr. Leah Kinberg in May of 2003, and the title of the lecture is, “Jews in the Koran and Early Islamic Traditions.” We found this lecture to still be relevant over a decade later, especially with everything going on in the Middle East right now and the issues surrounding the ISIS attempting to make Syria and Iraq an Islamic state.

Within the Koran, Dr. Kinberg mentions, those of the Jewish faith are written as, “deceivers, treacherous, and distorters of the truth.” – Essentially, all of those who did not embrace Islam were considered “infidels.” We read lectures such as these because while it’s our goal to educate the youth regarding Jewish culture and faith, there’s still so much for us to learn. It’s especially important for those who have ancestors that suffered through some type of genocide or political strife. JEWS IN THE KORAN AND EARLY ISLAMIC TRADITIONS Download PDF

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