Israel Campaign

We traveled to Israel for this special campaign: a unique collaboration between Grammy Award Winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari and Israeli Hip-Hop pioneer ”Subliminal” for the song and music video “Adon Olam, Ad Matai>?”
(“God Almighty, When will it end?”)

In April 2006, Tel-Aviv Israel, We filmed what’s considered to be the first Holocaust music video; featuring Miri Ben-Ari, Subliminal and six dancers to represent the Holocaust’s six million Jewish victims and the six arms of the Star of David, a symbol for Jewish belief and identity.

The violin, which is also considered as the “instrument of the Jewish ghetto” plays the melody of the very popular Jewish song: “Adon Olam” (in English: “God Almighty”), written by the renowned Israeli writer and composer:
Uzi Chitman. Subliminal’s lyrics and Miri’s violin performance powerfully convey the story of the Holocaust.

We had the honor of playing the song to a group of Holocaust survivors in Israel that not only supported our educational mission, but encouraged our goal of promoting awareness about the Holocaust to the younger generation. We strive to ensure that they will never forget.