Jersey City Honors Israeli Independence Day

There’s something about springtime that pushes us to strive for growth and strength, something that prompts us to muster all our potential and make something beautiful happen. Earlier this month in Jersey City (NJ) held a flag raising ceremony for Yom Ha’atzmaut – the day of independence for Israeli’s.

Miri Ben-Ari made the introduction for both this event and Israeli technology day in Jersey City.

The ceremony consisted not only of the American flag, but also the flag of Israel. It was a day of celebration – recognizing the cities Jewish population, and reminding us that diversity and unity are something to cherish. Jersey City is home to the most diverse population in the country. Instead of the commonly recognized languages such as Spanish or French Creole, the Jersey City school district speaks a total of 75 different languages.

The diversity is something city officials are fiercely proud of. Mayor Steven Fulop said after the ceremony, “We pride ourselves on being the golden door.” Fulop is the community’s first Jewish mayor. The idea of the flag raising ceremony came about as a way to recognize and remember his mentor, Glenn Cunningam, Jersey Cities first African-American mayor. When Cunningam passed away in 2004, the tradition stopped. The city prides themselves on their positive relations with Israel and will continue building that relationship at an Israeli showcase on new technology.

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