NYPD Under Fire For Stop-And-Frisk Video Leak

In a truly disturbing audio clip, recently released, a young boy can be heard arguing with members of the New York Police Department as they approach him for a second time in the same night, only a few blocks away from their first encounter.

This young boy – of mixed race – recorded his confrontation with the police on his iPod, and within the audio, one can hear the police threatening to physically hit the teen for him being a “mut and looking suspicious,” as one of the officer’s states.

This is just one instance of the NYPD’s morally wrong Stop-And-Frisk program which randomly targets people on the street that seem like they are “up to no good.”

The audio clip has put a lot of pressure on the NYPD for them to respect the citizens they are supposed to be protecting.

What do you think about the NYPD’s Stop-And-Frisk program?

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