Reasons People Love & Hate Each Other

There will always be love and hate constantly surrounding us. Why do people hate though? Seriously, why do some of us go around passing judgment onto others; making them feel worthless and perhaps even alienated?

Though without hate there is more room left for love. Leaving us with the real question; why hate when there is so much love to give?

What Causes People to Hate Each Other?

Hate can be defined as a feeling or emotion used in an intense or passionate way to degrade anything. To most the word “hate” is similar to a curse word. From my understanding a young child would be encouraged to disregard the word and replace it with more admirable words like dislike or despise.

Many people hate for various reasons such as the unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviors that differ from one’s own. In our generation, bullying has been a huge topic in the news all around the world. The use of superior strength or negative influence to intimidate someone, typically to force one to do something another person doesn’t want to do is starting to become a trend nowadays. I have come to notice that most hatred these days come from one huge determiner, that being frustration.

The frustration of not being able to process one’s emotions in a healthy way tends to be the leading factor when it comes to discovering where these random acts of hatred stem from. Understanding the origin of one’s hatred can really help them to better comprehend their intolerance.

What Causes People to Love Each Other?

Love is the bass line in music sympathy – it keeps they rhythm going. If the world was completely full of hated, how could we ever grow stronger for tomorrow?

Even in the darkest of wars there is still love to be found. Think about the Holocaust survivors that were able to hide during the war. Had it not been for their neighbor’s love and shelter they may have never had the chance to live on. It was love that saved these people, that’s an example that no one should ever forget. After all the word “Gedenk” derives from the Yiddish word meaning “remember.”

You’re always better off creating memories with love rather than hate. That’s why our team here at the Gedenk Movement has created The Gedenk Award for Tolerance to honor those who have shown great dedication to the open-mindedness of others.

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